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Other Markets in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has many market streets, and in fact several of them are near to Flower Market Road. So if street markets are of interest then after visiting the Mongkok Flower Market also consider visiting:


Apliu Street Electronics Flea Market - Every electronic hobby enthusiasts dream street, with everything from rolls of solder to LEDs, electronic kits, tools and wires.

Hong Kong Bird Garden - Directly next to Flower Market Road this public "garden", it is actually more of a courtyard, houses exotic bird vendors.

Goldfish and Aquarium Market - Nearby Goldfish Market is packed with shops selling goldfish and other decorative fish, plus tanks, sea plants and all the accessories.

Sneakers and Sports Shoe Street - Not a market as such but another dedicated street, this one sells sports shoes, basketball shoes, running shoes and trainers and similar.

Ladies Market Mongkok - Fashion and accessories from market stalls at low prices

Temple Street Night Market  - A slice of authentic Hong Kong night shopping and eating. Eat dinner at open air restaurants, have your fortune told, and watch Chinese opera singers.

On Hong Kong Island

Cat's Street Antiques Market - A small street of stalls selling reproduction antiques and curious

Stanley Hong Kong Market - One of the main tourist attractions of Hong Kong, not a cheap place to visit but can't be missed if you are a visitor.


Flower Market Road

Not just the Flower Market Road itself but neighboring streets like Sai Yee and parts of Prince Edward Road are full of flower shops


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